Operations Groups

The Network’s Operations Groups provide opportunities for professional development through peer-to-peer support, networking events, the creation of training and guidance materials and sharing learning and best practice.

 Each Operations Group leads a programme of work with the aims of;

  • Identifying challenges and developing solutions together
  • Highlighting challenges which require a policy response
  • Identifying opportunities to improve efficient trial conduct
  • Sharing best practice and developing practical guidance on good research practice and quality standards for non-commercial trials
  • Contributing to national and internationally led new initiatives within the clinical research community; and
  • Representing the views of Registered CTUs.

The Operations Groups develop an annual programme of individual and cross-Group deliverables to support these aims. These deliverables are agreed with the UKCRC CTU Executive Group. The Operations Groups’ activities are underpinned by a set of General Terms of Reference along with Supplementary Terms of Reference which are specific to each Group.

Groups often set up sub- or working groups to deal with specific short-term projects such as the development of a discrete piece of guidance. You can find out a bit more about the currently active groups via the links below.


Catherine Hewitt (Chair) – York Trials Unit

Natalie Rowland (Deputy Chair) – Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit

Mike Bradburn – Sheffield Clinical Trials Unit

Michele Robertson – Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit

Louise Stanton – Southampton Clinical Trials Unit

Graeme MacLennan – Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT)

Statistics Operations Group Supplementary Terms of Reference

Information SystemsMembership

Amanda Bravery (Chair) – Imperial Clinical Trials Unit

Tim Chater (Deputy Chair) – Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

Patrick Julier – Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit

Martin Pond – Norwich Clinical Trials Unit

Adam Barrett – Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit

Amanda Loban – Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit

John Turgoose – Hull Health Trials Unit

Information Systems Operations Group Supplementary Terms of Reference

Current Information Systems Working Groups

Quality AssuranceMembership

Claire Johnson (Chair) – Centre for Trials Research

Nicole Gower (Deputy Chair) – CR UK and UCL Cancer Trials Centre

Gail Holland – Swansea Clinical Trials Unit

Chris Hayward – Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit

Sara Yeats – Southampton Clinical Trials Unit

Quality Assurance Operations Group Supplementary Terms of Reference

Current Quality Assurance Working Groups

Trial ManagementMembership

Emma Ogburn (Chair) – Oxford Primary Care & Vaccines Collaborative Clinical Trials Unit

Lucy Culliford (Deputy Chair) – Bristol Trials Centre

Claire Lawless – CaCTUS

Natalie Wakefield – UK Trial Managers’ Network Representative

Alexa Gillman – Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials & Statistics Unit

Ana Boshoff – Imperial Clinical Trials Unit

Denise Forshaw – Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit

Jaclyn Brown – Warwick Clinical Trials Unit

Trial Management Operations Group Supplementary Terms of Reference


Claire Snowdon (Chair) – Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials & Statistics Unit

Carrol Gamble (Deputy Chair) – Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

Gill Booth – Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit

Nicky Perry – Brighton & Sussex Clinical Trials Unit

Policy Group Supplementary Terms of Reference


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