Task & Finish Groups

Our Task and Finish Groups are time-limited and lead topical work programmes relating to efficient trial conduct, good research practice, quality standards, and the capacity and sustainability of non-commercial CTUs.

Their deliverables are agreed with the UKCRC CTU Executive Group and underpinned by a set of Terms of Reference which are specific to each Group.

Groups sometimes set up sub- or working groups to deal with specific short-term projects such as the development of a discrete piece of guidance. You can find out a bit more about the currently active groups via the links below.

Participant Data Sharing

Sharing data from publically funded research ensures valuable research outputs can be used more widely for the benefit of patients and the public. The UKCRC Registered CTU Network supports the sharing of clinical trials data with trusted partners for further ethical research purposes. This group will facilitate the development and implementation of good practice in relation to the sharing of research data through the provision of peer-to-peer support, written guidance, and training events.

Participant Data Sharing Task & Finish Group Terms of Reference


Catrin Tudur Smith (Chair) – Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

Nicola Howe – Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

Matt Sydes – MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Kate Fenton – NIHR

Carrol Gamble – Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

Steff Lewis – Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit

Sally Kerry – Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit

This Group also includes two patient representatives.

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

Patient and public involvement and engagement in the design and planning of research improves the quality and relevance of clinical research. CTUs must work collaboratively to develop and share best practice and make the best use of the limited resources available. This group will identify and develop resources to help member CTUs to effectively involve and engage patients and the public in their work.

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Task & Finish Group Terms of Reference


Delia Muir – Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit

Caroline Rick – Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit

Laura Cowley – Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

Claire Vale – MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Tracy Ibbotson – Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit

Christine Mills – Papworth Clinical Trials Unit

Karen Turner – Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit

Sally Hopewell – Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit

Laura Farrelly – MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Andrea Harkin – CaCTUS

This Group also involves patient representatives.

Staff Development & Sustainability

Clinical Trials Units have demonstrated their effectiveness as centres of trials excellence. Building the strength, stability, and sustainability of member units is important in ensuring that they are able to continue to deliver high-quality non-commercial clinical trials research in the UK both now, and in the future. Well-trained and appropriately developed staff are key to this endeavour. This group will identify recommendations around staff training, development and retention to ensure registered CTUs have, and keep the best staff. This group will also focus activities on promoting careers in clinical trials to ensure that registered CTUs are recruiting and developing the excellent trialists of the future. Activities are currently being undertaken collaboratively with the UK Trial Managers Network in relation to recruitment and retention.


Fiona Hogarth – Tayside Clinical Trials Unit

Caroline Murphy – King’s Clinical Trials Unit

Matthew Hammond – Norwich Clinical Trials Unit

Helen Hancock – Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit

Victoria Allgar – Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit

Nicky Perry – Brighton & Sussex Clinical Trials Unit

Rhian Gabe – Barts Clinical Trials Unit

Gina Cranswick – Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit

Helen Hickey – Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

Melanie Ferrao – MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Kayleigh Stanbury – National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit

Amanda Bravery – Imperial Clinical Trials Unit

Lucy Culliford – Bristol Trials Centre

Claire Snowdon – Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials & Statistics Unit

Eleanor Mitchell – UK Trial Managers’ Network

Smarter Working


Abby O’Connell – Exeter Clinical Trials Unit

Sarah Baos – Bristol Trials Centre

Keira Fines – Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit

Jacqueline Gourlay – Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit

Heather Barclay – Tayside Medical Science Centre

Judith Cohen – Hull Health Trials Unit

Bronwen Williams – Hull health Trials Unit

Marc Jones – NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Hannah Berntsson – Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit

Katie Wilkinson – The Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials & Statistics Unit

Lisa Fox – The Institute of Cancer Research Clinical Trials & Statistics Unit

Pamela Whittaker – Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

Carrie Bayliss – Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

Emma Laing – Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre Clinical Trials Unit


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